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Note to people viewing this now: this post is mainly for the benefit of my blog, and the fact that I feel the need to obsessive-compulsively catalog everything I produce. Please deal with it. Thank you.
Starting in December of 2007, I became a freelance writer for the video game website 1UP.com; here's what I've done for them so far.

Updated somewhat frequently.

Front Mission Evolved (PS3) Review09/29/2010
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (XBox 360) Review08/16/2010
The King's Quest Retrospective08/11/2010
Hydro Thunder Hurricane (XBox 360) Review07/26/2010
Found in Translation: Inside the Noble Art of ROM Hacking07/10/2010
If You Liked Red Dead Redemption...07/08/2010
APB (PC) Review07/06/2010
Dream Casting: Final Fantasy VII06/29/2010
Why We Play Mario05/21/2010
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Wii) Review05/18/2010
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (XBox 360, PS3) Review05/18/2010
Dream Casting: Bioshock05/10/2010
Sleep is Death Review04/15/2010
Dream Casting: Assassin's Creed II04/09/2010
Resonance of Fate Review03/23/2010
Posthumous Cult Gaming03/17/2010
The Impact of Literature on Gaming02/17/2010
Blaster Master Overdrive Review02/10/2010
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment Review01/22/2010
Learning Through Play: The Potential of Gaming in the Classroom12/03/2009
Batman Videogame Retro Roundup (with Ray Barnholt)08/25/2009
Cutting the Cord: Is Motion Control The Future of Gaming?
Top 5 Most Irritating RPG Protagonists
Top 5 Worst Videogame Sidekicks 12/30/2008
Top 5 Worst Christmas-Themed Video Games 12/24/2008
Thanksgaming: Surviving the Holidays11/26/2008
Top 5 Least Scary Things About Resident Evil10/27/2008
Top 5 Worst Famicom Games08/19/2008
Top 5 Worst Dressed Video Game Characters08/01/2008
Top 5 Disappointing Video Game Sequels07/18/2008
Top 5 Worst JRPG Character Names06/13/2008
RetroNotes: Grand Theft Auto
Launch Failure: The Most Explosively Awful Console Launch Titles04/16/2008
RetroNotes: Mario Kart04/10/2008
Power Down: The Most Useless Power-Ups in Video Games04/08/2008
Mystery Smash Theater03/12/2008
Return of the Revival: Good and Bad Videogame Comebacks03/04/2008
Smart Bombs: Celebrating Gaming's Most Beloved Flops02/05/2008
The PS2 Lives!01/17/2008
Rise from Your Grave: Videogame Franchises that Are Gone but Not Forgotten12/10/2007

Electronic Gaming Monthly Articles
Freedom of Choice: Some of GTA4's Other Online ModesAugust 2008, Volume 231
Top Ten Videogame DogsJanuary 2009, Volume 236

I also write for 1UP's Retro, Chiptuned, and The Grind blogs. You can read these posts by visiting my 1UP user page.

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