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At Least I Got a Candy Bar

The Onion A.V. Club has been doing a series of fantastic articles called Whatever Happened to Alternative Nation? which you should read if you were born in the past 40 years and have any interest in music. The newest entry is about the inexplicable popularity of alternarock-band-thing Live -- their name is apparently supposed to be pronounced like the verb form of the word "live" but I don't care. I'll dismiss Live publicly and live with the consequences.

Anyway, much discussion was had about their hit single "I Alone," which was a radio-friendly ditty that you could easily listen to with your mom -- provided she had some tolerance for empty angst. The video, on the other hand, revolves entirely around the unique premise of a bald, shirtless man writhing around and smooshing his face and junk while the world dies around him. Whenever I watch it I can't help but hear the sounds of Hank Hill being horrified somewhere deep within my brain: "Gah! Someone needs to tell that twig boy to put on a shirt!"

If you lived through the 90s, you probably saw this video at least 30,000 times. I know I did. But going back and watching it again some whatever years later, I can't help but be dumbstruck once again by Live's poor drummer, who, without his drums, is forced to wander through the video in a futile attempt to not look awkward. Granted, Live's frontman Ratboy Jr. sure can cause a distraction, but if you pay attention to the drummer through the whole video, you can't help but feel his plight.

Another highlight is when the second verse kicks in around at 1:22, when Shirtless McGoo realizes that his antics during the first verse will soon be seen by a worldwide audience.

But really, no analysis of the I Alone video is better than this one:


In closing: Hey, remember the 90s? *tosses jacket casually over shoulder*

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