Bob Mackey (bobservo) wrote,

me and the hodge

This has been sitting around in the "hey, you should probably put that on the Internet" pile for over two years--and I really can't think of a solid reason why I've procrastinated so much. Anyway, the video you will no doubt be compelled to watch is a recording of a chat I had with John Hodgman on WFMU's The Best Show around Thanksgiving of 2008. I think it's entertaining enough on its own, but additional entertainment value comes from the fact that this recording took place when I was knee deep in the trenches grad school, making sub-sub-sub minimum wage at a teaching position and generally hating myself and all those around me. Little did I know that grad school would soon release me into the wilds of year-long unemployment, where I learned how to catch, skin and eat various yard animals in order to survive.

But I'm much happier now. Enjoy!

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