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A little over 5 years ago, I "feuded" with a Youngstown Internet radio station because they were lame and I had nothing better to do. I wrote an article about them for a blog I did on Valley 24, and they responded in kind by creating their own blog on the same site that quickly burned out after three glorious posts full of bugfuck insanity and tortured metaphors. Some weird glitch on the site has since rendered all of this old content unreadable, but the text still exists in the source HTML, so I've decided to replicate it here for your enjoyment.

Note: I discovered a bookmark to this old stuff today while cleaning out my bookmarks folder. Again: nothing better to do.

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oh no

I let my paid LiveJournal account expire. Who cares?


a history of moving, May 2010 - May 2011


Don't cry for me; I'm already dead.




Think for a minute about the terrible society that creates this kind of a product and ask yourself if you want to be a part of it.  This will soon become the wire mother experiment gone horribly awry.


creepy automatons a go-go

So, I guess there's a place on the Internet where you can send money and receive a video of nightmarish fucking robots playing a song of your choice. I didn't pay for this, but I love the song. And the puppets add so much meaning.

Thanks to Nadia for informing me of this. Now I know what having a bad trip is like.

attn. undecided voters

I have assembled the following pieces of evidence in case you still need to make up your mind.

From The Washington Post:


From me:

Citations available upon request.

this game rocks

A point and click adventure game starring a child's drawing of Donald Duck, which is based on a series of features on/linked to Something Awful in the early 00s:


bizarro mccain on tax cuts

Oh wait-- that's actually John McCain from eight years ago, back when he wasn't a Republican shill with no backbone. Let's hope no one finds out he once wanted to give tax cuts to the people who needed them most!

(super bonus lol to the girl's slavery comparison)

enter the own zone

I compiled a shitload of John McCain animated .gifs into one lovely YouTube video. Please watch the whole thing. Democracy will thank you.

Spread it like herpes.

<3 ohio

Who wants to bet these people own Birth of a Nation on DVD?

Let's hope for a wave of influenza to hit before November 4th.

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