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Fine Domestic Whine

Bob Mackey
7 May 1982
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Hello, I'm Bob Mackey: holder of English degrees, writer, and snob of many genres. For a brief period of time I was TV's Bull from Night Court, but I may be known best for my bi-weekly pieces on Something Awful. I also blogged for Valley24.com and 61 Frames Per Second, and have written articles for 1UP, Gamasutra, EGM, GameSpite and Cracked. Some of you may know me from the humor column I wrote for Youngstown State University's The Jambar, Kent State University's The Stater, and Youngstown's alternative newspaper, The Walruss. For all of my writing over the years, I have made a total of twenty American dollars. It's also said that I draw cartoons, which people have described with words such as "legible." I kidnapped the Lindbergh Baby and am looking to do so again in the future.

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